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About The Dublin Story Slam – Music

This month we’re looking for stories about personal experiences scored by the soundtrack of your life. From childhood memories defined by a golden oldieto teenage anthems that rocked your troubles away. Desert island discs that define a time, place or even a relationship that matters. Stories about finding your tribe on the dancefloor, a concert that changed everything or a music festival that you still talk about today. Stories of music makers – from playing on your own, playing in a band or even teaching someone how to play. This month, get lost in music and share your story at The Dublin Story Slam.


**Exciting Ticket Update**

If you’ve ever been frustrated in the past by not being able to get tickets to Story Slam shows before they sell out, great news! You can now buy tickets for our next 5 shows right now by clicking on this link.

Advanced tickets are limited but we’ll put the remainder of tickets for each show on sale 2 weeks before. Now all you need to do is decide which night(s) to choose!

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How it Works:


We’re inviting anyone with a true personal story, 4-7mins long and inspired by the theme Music. Stories need to be true, about you and shared without any notes, scripts or props onstage. Think of us as a close friend you’re sharing a personal experience with rather than a performance you need to script & memorise. Some of our most memorable storytellers have been people who have never been onstage before. Just be you and the rest will follow!

To be in with a chance to tell a story, you can sign up to tell a story in two ways:

Sign up in advance – Email us the first line of your story to The first four to do so get in for FREE and FIRST so you can save some seats for your friends. You’ll also definitely get to share your story on the night.

Sign up on the night – You can also just buy a ticket, head to the show and sign up to tell a story on the night. However’s there’s a chance your name might not be picked depending on how many names are in the hat. If you want to be certain you’ll get to share your story, then sign up in advance.

On the night we pick a max of 8 names at random from the bucket. If you get called, you get up onstage and share your story that can be between 4-7mins long. Remember no notes are allowed onstage! At the end of each story, Judges in the audience will give a score out of 10 and at the end of the night, we’ll announce the winner of The Dublin Story Slam. The winner then goes onto compete in our annual Grand Slam event at the end of the year.


Just buy a ticket and enjoy the stories. Doors are at 7pm & show starts at 8. You the audience are also an essential part of the night. At each show we invite the audience to share their own mini epics too by filling out an audience slip in response to a different question we ask each month. Eg Tell us about a time you had a close call! We take a selection of these and read them out anonymously onstage during the night.


If you’ve been to one of our shows, you’ll know that we have three teams of Judges, selected from our audience. Each team gives each story a score out of 10. These scores are tallied up and at the end of the night we choose a winner. Teams can be up between 2-4 members. You need to have a ticket to be on a Judging team but we’ll reserve you some good seats for the show as a small thanks and let you in first ahead of the queue. If you’re interested in being a Judge, just e.mail us at

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March 21, 2023 7:00 pm - 10:30 pm


General Admission – €13.50 including Booking Fee

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