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Short Films: Programmes 7 & 8 + Awards Ceremony

About Short Films: Programmes 7 & 8 + Awards Ceremony

Programme 7, Sunday 9th October, The Sugar Club, 2:30pm

10, Autumn Street, Directed by Theo Herghelegiu, Comedy-Drama, Romania, 2022, 26min

Thirst, Directed by Manolo Marcenó, Sci-Fi, Ireland, 13min, 2022

The Small Steps, Directed by Al Butler, Documentary, Ireland, 18min, 2021

The Other Half, Directed by Asmaa El Mouttaki, Social-Drama, Morocco & US, 15min, 2019

Rhove – Jungle, Directed by Peter Marvu, Music Video, Italy, 3min, 2021

Off Your Head, Directed by Gianlorenzo Albertini, Drama, UK, 28min, 2021

Swissman Is Getting Ready for You, Directed by Sampo Lenzi, Commercial Advert Switzerland, 1min, 2021

Queer Parivaar, Directed by Shiva Raichandani, Drama-Musical-LGBTQ, UK, 27min, 2022

Lidia, Directed by Damien Lumsden, Horror, Ireland, 9min, 2020

When She Was Good, Directed by Margarita Milne, Drama, UK, 20min, 2021

Programme 8, Sunday 9th October, The Sugar Club, 6pm

The Last Comedy Club on Mars, Directed by Fergus Keane, Documentary-Comedy, Ireland, 10min, 2021

A Bitter Pill, Directed by Keith O’Grady, Drama, Ireland, 15min, 2021

Hunger Ward, Directed by Skye Fitzgerald, Documentary, USA, 40min, 2022

Sweet Wort, Directed by Michael Philip Reid, Comedy-Drama, Ireland, 24min, 2022

Bardo: A Rogue and Peasant Slave, Directed by Michael B Clifford, Drama, UK, 22min, 2021

Hardboiled, Directed by Peter Sluszka, Animation, USA, 28min, 2021

Punch Line, Directed by Becky Cheatle, Drama-Comedy-LGBTQ, Ireland, 10min, 2022

Live performance by Iulian Pușca (pronounced Julian Pooshka)!

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October 9, 2022 2:00 pm - 10:00 pm

General Admission – €10.00

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