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Tobi Balogun, Founder & Artistic Director of Black Canvas, is partnering with Tobi Omoteso, Co-founder & Artistic Director of Top 8 Street Dance Battle (S.D.B) to curate an event that showcases the rich and underground culture of Neo Irish-Afroism which is a healthy blend of Irish, UK, West-African and American culture intertwined in an ever ending expression. That is expressed using Rap Music, Social Dance, Fashion and Art.

Bringing together new voices in Irish Urban Culture for a vibrant cross art form presentation. New and the old, fusing the mediums of Dance, Fashion and Music in a vivid cultural clash targeted at the new faces of Ireland in terms of depth of culture.

Ireland has a hugely misrepresented cultural scene that though considered ‘underground’ or ‘urban’ is naturally thriving with individuals from diverse backgrounds and is globally representative of a broader spectrum than is often seen. We feel that following lockdown, there is a need for our communities to come together intergenerationality/disciplinarily, in a way that feels organic and fun. With the rise of popularity of hip hop culture over lockdown and the explosion of new faces in Irish Music and fashion culture due to social media platforms, we are bringing this event promoting freedom of expression through Dance, Music and Fashion for Culture Night.

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11:30-00:00 – DJ Saz | South Side Moves dancers

00:00-00:30 – Fashion Show: VibezxSavages, Groovy Eire, Charlottes Love, Wahala, Yoba & Tola Vintage

00:30-01:00 – DJ Damo and DJ Gav (Residents and Breaking / Hip Hop cypher)

01:00-01:30 – Dance showcase – Alessandra Azevedo and Andrea Wiliams, Vithória Escobar and Favour Odusola, Tobi Balogun

01:30-02:00 – Travis

02:00-02:30 – Aby Coulibaly x Monjola

02:30-03:00 – Residents DJ Damo and DJ Gav

Outdoor: DJ station, open mic, Rap Exhibition Battle/Cypher by Scott Boylan

Curators/Direction: Tobi Balogun and Tobi Omoteso

Production Manager: Karen Aguiar

Photography: Jekaterina Goidina

Videography: Fruit Frame

Graphic Designer: Leslie Goldfinder

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September 23, 2022 11:30 pm - September 24, 2022 3:00 am

Admission is free but booking is required 

Follow the link below to book a spot!

Limited seating. Please note seats can not be allocated.
Seats operate on a first come, first served basis.
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