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About Guilherme Cosme & String Ensemble

Ireland based Brazilian singer-composer Guilherme Cosme will launch his new album “They Call Me Names” this April at The Sugar Club, Dublin. The record is a semi-autobiographic collection of 12 pieces for voice, piano and string ensemble exploring themes of existentialism, child neglect and trauma. Guilherme’s music is influenced by Jazz Greats like Andy Bey and minimalistic composers like Terry Riley and Wim Mertens. This new work showcases Cosme’s finest vocal abilities and singular composing style.  

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Guilherme Cosme is an Ireland-based Brazilian singer-composer. Guilherme found solace in art at a young age. In his teens the musician begun to write songs. He initially trained his distinctive baritone voice by studying the work of Jazz greats like Andy Bey and the legendary Nina Simone.

In addition to his early Jazz influences, Cosme was inspired by the work of Peter Murphy and Mark Lanegan. In his early 20’s he found his voice in Rock & Roll and transitioned to his role of singer/songwriter for the band Mary Bleeds. Their debut album showcases Guilherme’s deeply personal writing style as he weaves biblical imagery and scenes from childhood into the band’s nuanced sound.

In addition to his work with the Mary Bleeds, Guilherme has produced a solo EP titled ‘Demon.’ The record is a dark and meditative collection of five songs written for voice and piano which finds the singer diving deep into his own battle with mental illness. He  wrote these songs as catharsis while struggling with depression, PTSD and bipolar disorder. With this record Cosme hopes to reach out to those who struggle with similar issues and to raise awareness of the pain and suffering many face in silence.


Mary Bleeds’ debut album and Guilherme’s first solo album “Persephone and the Ghost Brother” are out now. His upcoming solo album, arranged in collaboration with Colombian composer Andres  Gallo “They Call Me Names” will come out in Winter. The new record is a semi-autobiographic collection of 12 songs for voice, piano and strings exploring mainly themes of child neglect and abuse, trauma and existentialism. This new work showcases Cosme’s finest vocal abilities and singular composing style.  In January 2023 Guilherme Cosme won First Prize with excellence nomination in the Vivaldi International Music Competition.


“With a real precision and a decisive nature, Guilherme Cosme seems to make special music that has that timeless edge you don’t often hear.” (Llewelyn Screen, A&R Factory UK)

“I love that the artist uses his turmoil as an expression but I equally feel that it has been born out of the most tortured of minds. Either way, art is expression, it is meant to make you feel connected, understood and heard and this is something that Guilherme Cosme has done to the highest standard. “ (Tamara Jenna, TJPL News)

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April 27, 2023 8:00 pm - 10:30 pm

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