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East Forest

About East Forest

EAST FOREST: East Forest is the musical project spearheaded by Trevor Oswalt, an American composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. Known for his introspective and evocative soundscapes, East Forest creates music that seamlessly blends elements of ambient, electronic, and modern classical genres. With a focus on mindfulness and the exploration of human consciousness, East Forest’s music has captivated audiences worldwide.

Trevor Oswalt, who adopted the stage name East Forest, embarked on his musical journey in the early 2000s. Drawing inspiration from his experiences in nature and his personal spiritual practices, Oswalt sought to create music that could serve as a conduit for introspection and reflection. Through his compositions, he aims to evoke a sense of tranquility and connection to the natural world.

East Forest’s discography is a testament to his commitment to pushing the boundaries of sound and exploring new sonic landscapes. His albums, which often incorporate field recordings, delicate piano melodies, ethereal vocals, and subtle electronic textures, take listeners on immersive sonic journeys. Some of his most notable works include “Prana,” “Ritual Mystical,” and “Ram Dass.”

In addition to his studio recordings, East Forest is also known for his captivating live performances. He has shared his music at various festivals, retreats, and intimate gatherings, creating immersive experiences that merge music, meditation, and community.

With his unique approach to music and his ability to create sonic environments that resonate with listeners on a deep level, East Forest has garnered a dedicated following. His music has been embraced by the mindfulness and yoga communities, as well as individuals seeking solace and introspection in a fast-paced world.

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