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Def Nettle & Special Guests

About Def Nettle & Special Guests

The Sugar Club, Dublin presents a blistering night of Punk-Funk for the new school masses. Gender, Age & Race go in and out the door at hypersonic speeds as we bend the rules one more time. Full-on Punk Rock, Art Rock, Ethiopian Funk, Turntablism and Eclecticism collide for a club night & style not seen in Ireland for decades. Bring an open mind and rested legs because you’ll be fighting for the stage and the dance floor all night.

Headlining are the bombastic DEF NETTLE, fronted by storied Irish performer Glen Brady, internationally known for his party rocking turntable skills and production involvement with everyone from Dolores O’Riordan’s D.A.R.K. project with Andy Rourke (The Smiths) and as a member of NYC Hipster Indie dance phenom, The Glass. Def Nettle sees Glen move into frontman mode with a mixture of spoken word and punk rock anthems supported by the beastly musical skills of one of Ireland’s funkiest guitarists, Joe Donegan (Old School, Superfly, King Bones) and legendary drummer, Jay Oglesby who was a founding member of seminal 90s electronic band Liquid Wheel and has played with the likes of Don Baker, Picturehouse and Delorentos. Their first single, The Pills is on Apple Music’s New In Rock playlist beside Beastie Boys and Liam Gallagher but don’t let that fool you, Def Nettle is funky as HELL.

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Warm up duties are taken care of by young Dublin funk band/collective, Audible Chocolate who have been compared to the Chilli Peppers but with a tough Dublin attitude reflected in their hilarious song, Amber Thief about one of their mates who refuses to buy tobacco on nights out. They pack some Herbie Hancockesque breaks and ice cold guitar licks sure to funk your socks off.

Mighty Avon Jnr are a mysterious and tribal Art Rock outfit fronted by film maker  and svengali, Daragh McCarthy. Austere, poignant, political and utterly entrancing, Mighty Avon Jnr round out the night’s eclectic nature with an almost spiritual cocktail of Beats, Guitars and homilies to depth and intuition, beautiful and bold, they are not to be missed.

DJing on the night we are literally jumping out of our seats with excitement to have Hewan Mulgeta spinning a completely original cocktail of Ethiopian funk and Soul. We have never heard such an eclectic, soulful and ridiculously funky set as Hewan’s set for The Sugar Club live’s Webcast during lockdown. Prepare to have your jaw hit the floor because NO ONE and we mean NO ONE is bringing the funk in this individual style anywhere west of Addis Ababa. You can’t fake that. NO, you can’t .

Ajó Arkestra join the bill to keep the party going till late with a special midnight show of incredible live Afrobeat & more!

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March 18, 2022 8:00 pm - March 19, 2022 2:30 am

General Admission – €12.50

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Limited seating. Seats can not be allocated.
First come, first served basis.
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