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About Colm & Laura Keegan

Award-winning Celtic musicians Colm & Laura Keegan are best known for their roles in the world-music show Celtic Thunder.

Laura, from Scotland, joined the show in 2011 as Cellist in their touring band, after which Colm, from Ireland, joined in 2012 as one of the Principal singers. With Celtic Thunder, they have featured on three DVDs and four CDs, all of which repeatedly rocketing to #1 on the Billboard World Music Chart.

They have performed on many of the world’s most prominent stages in the United States, Canada, and Australia and on four Celtic Thunder cruises across the Caribbean. Colm opened the Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade with the group outside of their usual North American tours.

Colm & Laura were featured in a private show at the Pentagon, where Celtic Thunder was invited to perform by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and numerous appearances on TV shows such as PBS, QVC Fox & Friends and the Today Show. In 2018, Celtic Thunder received recognition from Sony Music for over 2.5 million Album and DVD sales worldwide.

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In August 2014, while still performing with the Celtic Thunder, Colm & Laura released a cover of Garth Brooks’s hit ‘The Dance’, which entered the charts at #1 and received nearly 250k views on YouTube. This encouraged the duo to embark on more solo work, and in the Summer of 2014, they released tickets for their first tour across East Coast USA as a Celtic duo.

They received the 2014 Irish Music Association “Best New Irish Artist” award on this tour. In late 2016, they released their first solo CD, “I’ll Never Be Alone,” which topped the Amazon and iTunes World Music Charts. Colm and Laura have completed four toured in the United States, performing in Irish Centers, Universities with Irish connections, and Irish & Celtic festivals. In 2020, Colm released an EP, ‘Raised on Songs & Stories, which also entered iTunes and Billboards charts at #1, performing acoustic performances of well-known Irish songs. 

After six years of touring the world with Celtic Thunder, the duo embarked on a new journey where they are now in Glasgow, Scotland, with their two young children and another baby on the way. 

Balancing family life at home and touring the world has become Colm & Laura’s new life. During the pandemic, they regularly performed to a global audience via the online performing platform

They host between 4-6 cultural bus tours across Ireland, Scotland, England & Wales, taking up to 50 passengers worldwide to cultural locations in these locations as part of their Keegan Bus Tours enterprise. Colm & Laura also have teaching qualifications and offer online tuition to students across the globe via their other project, CKonLine Teaching.

In March 2021, Colm was invited to host his weekly radio show with Scotland’s Celtic Music Radio. The Colm Keegan Radio Show can be heard each Friday & Saturday to local audiences on the radio and international audiences online. 

Colm & Laura have certainly branched out in recent years but have never lost their original love for music and Celtic culture, bringing that passion into each of their various endeavours. 

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