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Bloomsday Film Festival – When All is Ruin Once Again

About Bloomsday Film Festival – When All is Ruin Once Again

The Sugar Club is delighted to host two evenings of events as part of Bloomsday Film Festival 2022.

Ireland’s most literary film festival is back for its third year, and a very special one indeed as 2022 is the centenarian celebration of the publication of Ulysses (1922). The film festival was set up to be a celebration of cinema, literature, and artistic innovation, inspired by the long reaching arm of Ireland’s patriarch of modernism, James Joyce. The festival is run in partnership with the Bloomsday Festival & the James Joyce Centre.

On the 13th of June, we will be screening ‘When All is Ruin Once Again’ by Keith Walsh.

The screening will be preceded by a performance of ‘Who Goes with Fergus Now?’ from the Joyce Centre’s very own Darina Gallagher, followed by a poetry film of ‘When You Are Old’ directed by Matthew Thompson of the Adrian Brinkerhoff Poetry Foundation.

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Keith Walsh’s haunting epic ‘When All is Ruin Once Again’ will finish off our day celebrating poetry, film, and the birthday of W.B Yeats. The film’s cinematic treatment of Yeats’ ideas on gyres and the cycles of civilization serves as a breathtaking visual poem that will stay with you for days.

At the beginning of the Anthropocene – an epoch defined as the period during which human activity has been the dominant influence on the natural world – a rural community carve out their lives while a motorway ploughs forth through their landscape. It goes no further than the town of Gort in the west of Ireland, halted by the dawn of a financial crisis.

In this poetic documentary from director Keith Walsh who lives in the area where the documentary was made, a myriad of personalities weave an epic tapestry through the bog lands, farms, fire-sides, race tracks and hurling pitches of recession Ireland. “We might all need to be remembered some day” a storyteller by a lake defines the importance of folk tales living on in collective memory long after the death of the protagonist. Also attesting to the impermanence of our existence; whatever we do, say or make during our lives, will eventually be forgotten while nature will reclaim all evidence of our civilisations. W.B. Yeats while living in the same area, understood the futility of our quest to be remembered, when he wrote the lines pleading… “And may these characters remain, when all is ruin once again”.

Film, Edited & Directed by Keith Walsh
Produced by Jill Beardsworth

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June 13, 2022 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm

General Admission – €10.00

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